About the Artist: Malcolm Montague Davis

Malcolm Montague Davis (1933-2021), a descendent of the Bauhaus movement through his work with Gropius and The Architectural Collaborative, practiced a precise hard-edge style in his colorful geometric paintings. His semi abstract geometric landscape paintings and architectural paintings of homes in Santa Fe and elsewhere (homes that often he himself designed!) are just a few of the reasons his work is exceptional.

The detail, precision, color choices and beauty of Malcolm Montague Davis’s work, as well as his ability to render a three-dimensional world in compelling two-dimensional graphics make his work long-lasting investment-grade art with the potential to accrue value over time.

Please inquire with the gallery for additional photographs, in-gallery or in-home viewings, or for additional works not yet online. Most of Davis’s oeuvre, visible on https://www.malcolmmontaguedavis.com is represented and available (where not yet sold) through Beacon Gallery.

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