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Aula Alayoubi in the press


Beacon Gallery’s new show, Spring Revolution, is a solo show by the artist Aula Alayoubi. Although not well known here in the United States, she’s had a fair amount of success in the Middle East.

She’s appeared in the press throughout the Middle East, in Europe and in the United States. Below are a smattering of her articles. Click to be brought to the originals, whenever it was possible.

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As described on the Al Jadeed’s Facebook page (translated from Arabic)

“This file includes “Arabic diaries” narrative texts and diaries written by their owners during their sorry or during their long stay in the homes of others. It reflects, on its diversity, the desire of its writers and its book to explore the other in its world, and read their suffering through its many passes, especially through ways that usually allow it to write timeline in places away from the homelands, with all that is rich This writing is usually a question of questions, research, meditation and amazement that surprises the writer while she is venturing into a test itself away from her first world.
This timeline came from the writers and a book that was raised from their homelands once by war and another escape from repression and lack of freedoms, or a choice of freedom of adventure in search of self in a space that is far and wider, and the book of this timeline has reached their From the hometown, they live and roam with passion, fragile and beauty, in Africa, Asia, America, and Europe, belonging to the whole world and reassuring their children, their scenes and their spiritual, aesthetic and intellectual aspirations. The authorities of a planet have always considered their homeland.

The writings came from pens belonging to: Morocco, Palestine, Iraq, Syria. In a future edition, there will be more journal literature.” (There was no link to any articles behind this initial introduction, alas)

An article in Spanish:

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Below is a link to the original set of articles Beacon Gallery found on Aula (click the image to be brought to the PDF archive)

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Here is a radio interview with Aula Al Ayoubi:

There’s also a dramatic video produced by another art gallery of hers you can watch:

and this video for her show “Heavenly Fruit” from 2016:

Some more international press on Aula Alayoubi in Arabic and Spanish (no links available)

More Aula Press.jpgAulacollectiu.jpg

Come and check out this impressive artist’s work in person, now through July 28th at Beacon Gallery!

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