Beacon Gallery has the unique opportunity to meet and work with a range of artists, partners and members of the wider art community. Beacon Gallery Connections allows us to take a closer look at their personal journey, and get a better understanding of their relationship to art.

Awards for our 2018 Juried Show

Friday March 16th was the opening for our 2018 International Juried Show and also when we gave out some awards!

There were three “Honorable Mentions” and three “Awards of Excellence” given.

Honorable Mentions:

Rivka in Autumn by Michael McLaughlin

2016, 36 x 48

Rivka in Autumn Mike McLaughlin.jpg

RBG by Jack Rosenberg

2017, 36 x 30

Rosenberg Jack_RBG_36x30_2017.jpg

Dance Class by Kate Sullivan

2016, 27 x 27

Kate Sullivan - Dance Class.jpg


Awards of Excellence

Reflect by Jean Sbarra Jones

2016, 30 x 30


Growth VIII by Richard Hricko

2017, 48 x 24 (woodcut on Kitikata)

Hricko_R_Growth VIII_48x24

David by Milo Milowsky

2017, 72 x 48

Milowsky_M_David_48 x 72.jpg

Congrats to the 6 winners, as well as all the talented artists whose work is in the show! We were truly spoiled for choice!

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