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Be Here Now Poetry

Poet Matthew Goff was inspired by the works of Raquel Fornasaro and Wendy Shapiro to write two pieces of poetry for our current show, Be Here Now.

Matthew Goff’s work was also part of our poetry-art collaboration “Synaesthesia.”

We’re delighted to be able to feature his work again!



“Terraforming”, Raquel Fornasaro

Protection of sprouting earth

Precious green growth in the cosmos

Separate delicate life, in a field of red dirt

Whirling sky-burst flows by constellations



TechTime Small

“Hear me out”, Raquel Fornasaro + Wendy Shapiro

A breathing-life replaced

Preference for another life

The breathing-life disappears

Enjoyment seems to remain

Both poems: © Matthew Goff 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



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