Beacon Gallery has the unique opportunity to meet and work with a range of artists, partners and members of the wider art community. Beacon Gallery Connections allows us to take a closer look at their personal journey, and get a better understanding of their relationship to art.

Catch up with the Artist: Fern L. Nesson

Fern L. Nesson, Let There Be Light

After 2020’s Perception Abstraction we are pleased to have Fern L. Nesson back at Beacon Gallery for her first solo show, The Mind of God.  Nesson’s initial “Meet the Artist” dates from June 2020, where you can learn a bit more about her style and craft origin – feel free to check that out in addition to learning what she’s been up to during the past year!  

Fern: tell us, what you have been up to in the last year? 

“I have had a very busy year! In addition to a show at the Beacon Gallery in June 2020, I have exhibited my photographs at solo and group shows in New York, LA, Budapest, Rome, Wichita, and Middlebury, VT and at the Griffin Museum in Winchester, MA.

I’ve published three photobooks with essays:  

Word — A Memoir  — text and photos

Les Consolations de la Poésie — a book of 24 translations of French poems and photos

The Mind of God — which accompanies this show: 12 essays on the relationship of theoretical mathematics and abstract photography

And six photobooks:   


Nefertari’s Prayer

The Observant Eye

Poetry in Motion

Downtown in My Mind

Fern L. Nesson, Untitled

I am a contributing editor to the website Bonjour Paris and have been continuing with my photo essays for the site. Each appeared weekly:

1) Fifty Things I Miss About Paris (10 weeks)

2) Poetry In a Time of Dislocation (24 weeks)

3) 19th Century French Photographers (20 weeks)

I am a contributor to the website, The Living New I have a column on the site called “Travels with the WPA State Guides”. Each month I contribute and write historical/photo essays. In total, Living New Deal has published approximately 30 essays of mine on the site. In May, I spoke at a webinar about my work on the New Deal.

I presented my architectural photography at a webinar at the Photographic Resource Center in Boston entitled “The Urban Landscape” and you can check out the video here.

I won a 10th Annual Photobook Award for my book, Signet of Eternity, from the Davis/Orton Gallery. The book was exhibited both at the gallery and at the Griffin Museum of Photography.”

Fern L. Nesson, Untitled

What are your plans so far for the future? 

I have an upcoming solo show in October at Through This Lens Gallery in Durham, NC. The show is titled “Animate”. Also, I have an upcoming solo show in Arles, France at the VOIES off festival in June, 2022.

Fern’s exhibition, The Mind of God, will be on display at Beacon Gallery from June 18th– August 22nd. A preview of her work can be seen on our website. Join us for the July and August First Fridays and meet this amazing woman in person!

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