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International ROLLO Project & Beacon Gallery

You Belong Here by Meclina

Beacon Gallery is pleased to announce that two of its artists, Meclina and Caron Tabb, are participating in the first United States version of ROLLO, the Rolling art project. Each has contributed a piece to one of the two curated shows, and Meclina was honored to be one of the two curators. 

ROLLO TLV-BOS, an art exchange between Tel Aviv and Boston artists and creators, looks at how creativity can be a vehicle to a deeper understanding of the human experience. By connecting people from different backgrounds through art, it is also a response to the recent spike in hate crimes and antisemitism in New England and across the United States. This exchange around the themes behind ROLLO TLV-BOS – “Belonging” and “Longing” – intends to foster a deeper dialogue about inclusion, culture and Identity.

Curated by Meclina (Boston) and Anna Burd (Tel Aviv), ROLLO TLV-BOS includes artists from diverse backgrounds and experiences: established and emerging artists; Jews and Arabs; White, Black, and Indigenous; tattoo and textile artists, a baker, a musician, and more. The breathtaking results – two digital exhibitions are available to enjoy at 

The artists participating in Rollo BOSTON-TLV are: Ibrahim Ali-Salaam, Roni Azgad, Tracy Silva Barbosa, Dudi (David) Cohen, Stephan Delbos, Or Drori, Kimberly Gatesman, Meclina, Eden Kalif, Nayana Lafond, Franklin Marvel, Nadav Melman, Karam Natour, Kamil Peters, Orit Pnini, Stav Porges, Tadele Samuel, Alon Shabo, Caron Tabb and Alison Wells.

Blue Moon by Tracy Silva Barbosa

What is ROLLO?

ROLLO – The Rolling art project, is a unique way for creation to serve as its own source of inspiration. It provides creators a platform for interaction, and even intimacy with strangers – all through art. Rollo was created in Tel Aviv with the goal of sparking creativity, interaction, and creation in artists of all backgrounds, and to bring them together to create unique works built on an artistic dialog.

How does it work?

The project is composed of art “chains” each beginning with a thematic word. This word is only given to the first creator in the chain, who must then create an artwork responding to, or interacting with that word – within 24 hours. Their creation (and only their creation, not the initial word)  is then passed on to the next creator. Artists are allowed to create in the medium of their choosing. They do not know the identity of their predecessor, nor do they know the title of the chain. They must only respond to the work they receive. In turn, the new artwork they create is rolled on, thus linking a chain of interacting works. The artists’ names are revealed only once the chains are published in full.

Where is ROLLO Showcased, and Who Has Participated?

The Rollo chains are showcased interactively on the Rollo website and have received coverage in numerous media outlets. In the past, Rollo has created collaborations between Israeli artists and other cities, such as Istanbul, London and Moscow. These special chains, connecting leading artists from different nations, are a testament to the bridges art can create, even when borders are closed. Amongst the participants are author Edgar Keret, filmmaker Tomer Himan, musician Kalban and visual artist Jinyong Park.

The People Behind ROLLO

The creators of Rollo are Anna Burd, Uriah Meadan, Oded Kishik, Shira Steinitz – a Tel-Aviv based group of culture enthusiasts who got together to create new platforms for art, culture, and recreation. Their first venture together was “Sichim” – a series of intimate, cultural living room events. The Rollo project was born when obvious circumstances forced them to create an alternative to traditional cultural interactions. Due to its success, Rollo is currently expanding its international collaborations. The new collaboration is supported by the Consulate General of Israel to New England.

For more information please contact Beacon Gallery director Christine O’Donnell at or reach out directly to the ROLLO team at 

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