Beacon Gallery has the unique opportunity to meet and work with a range of artists, partners and members of the wider art community. Beacon Gallery Connections allows us to take a closer look at their personal journey, and get a better understanding of their relationship to art.

Ji Yeo’s “Beauty Recovery Room”

Ji Yeo is a New York-based photographer who focuses on the cost of our high beauty standards, particularly back in her home country of South Korea – seen as one of the world Meccas of plastic surgery.

You can see a slideshow of her work in Beacon Gallery’s Projection Room as part of Photographing The Female.

Beauty Recovery Room 017_29 years old_Los Angeles_2014.jpgBeauty Recovery Room 004_26years old_Seoul_South Korea_2012.jpg

And, don’t miss this WBUR interview she gave a couple of years ago! 


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