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“Lives in Limbo” Featured in the Globe

Our current show, “Lives in Limbo: Refugees at the Gates of Europe” was featured in Boston Globe’s “The Ticket” on Sunday January 7th.

We were particularly delighted as Salam Noah‘s artwork was also pictured for all Globe readers to enjoy!

LIVES IN LIMBO: REFUGEES AT THE GATES OF EUROPE Aid worker Leslie Meral Schick helped organize this exhibition of photos, drawings, videos, and more. It spotlights individual refugees in portraits and biographies, and documents life in camps in Greece and elsewhere. Pictured: A detail of “Hope behind shadow of pain!” by Salam Noah. Through Jan. 28. Beacon Gallery, 524B Harrison Ave. 617-718-5600, CATE McQUAID”

Boston Globe Whole Page

Come and check out the exhibit!

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