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Malcolm Montague Davis and Bauhaus

The New York Times just printed an article on the Bauhaus Movement and some of the great architectural triumphs of the period. We at Beacon Gallery wanted to highlight the fact that some of these were actually the work of The Architect Collaborative, of which Malcolm Montague Davis was a part. He helped to build universities in the Middle East (Baghdad, Beirut) and in Southeast Asia (Yangon), as well as spending time in Rome heading up their office.

Check out the NYT article HEREScreen Shot 2019-04-19 at 3.15.40 PM.png

What do you think? Are they missing the point in not mentioning The Architects Collaborative or did they get their reporting right in giving the credit to the Bauhaus School and its influence?

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If you enjoy Malcolm Montague Davis’s work, don’t miss his event on Thursday, April 25th at Il Decor! 10 St James Street in Boston’s Back Bay from 6 pm.

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