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Maya Kabat’s Artwork

We at Beacon Gallery are lucky enough to have two of Maya Kabat’s pieces as part of the Analog | Digital show.

Here are her two “Time is Asymmetrical” pieces


Here’s what Kabat says of her work:

“My experimental drawings and mixed media works on paper appropriate concepts from a variety of sources: nature, natural laws and patterns, physics, mathematics, metaphysics and computer coding. Interested in the hidden systems, structures and energies we sense (or even know through science) but cannot see, I explore a world where these alternate realities are made visual. What does digital space look like? How do we understand and visualize time that isn’t linear? These questions provide a starting point for exploration and experimentation.

In my series of works about nonlinear time, for instance, I use binary code to reference the alternate reality that is digital space. Imaginary notions of nonlinear time are translated into binary code and stenciled onto paper using a variety of water-based inks. The ink was then dispersed with water and additional layers of text were then added. Each title refers to the text coded into each piece.

For me, investigating the poetics of digital space is very exciting at this particular moment as we as a culture spend so much of our time on computers. I’m a materially oriented, process-based artist. I’m rooted as a maker in the analog world. However, exploring digital space a metaphor for other kinds of space and other realities is very intriguing and continues to inspire new work including this series of drawings put forward here.”

And check out this cool video about Maya and her paintings!

Maya Kabat – Collaboration with the paint from Mark Altenberg on Vimeo.

Kabat’s Website:

Kabat’s Instagram: @mayakabat

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  1. You a talented artist nice work. Texture

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