Beacon Gallery has the unique opportunity to meet and work with a range of artists, partners and members of the wider art community. Beacon Gallery Connections allows us to take a closer look at their personal journey, and get a better understanding of their relationship to art.

Meet the Artist: Adrienne Shishko

Another artist behind Beacon Gallery’s current show, “Synaesthesia: Abstract Art & Creative Writing” is Adrienne Shishko. Having worn many “hats” in her vocational path, including working at the buying office for Saks on Fifth Avenue, to working as a general legal counsel and director of marketing, Shishko has recently fulfilled her life-long dream, and has devoted her time to being a full-time artist.

Shishko states that throughout her vocational journey, she has actually grown as an artist. She has not only discovered here style as an artist, but also who she is as a human being.

Shishko creates unique abstract works, and the result is a quasi-autobiography. Shishko makes use of everyday materials, often consisting of objects that she has touched, seen, read, or admired in her day-to-day existence.

Adrienne Shishko, Area

No two of Shishko’s artworks are alike. At times, she argues that her work is “riotous with color and gesture” reflecting her effort to “take it all in and make sense of it.” Pieces in the current show, like “Last Chance for Something” embody this theme. However, she also argues that her work can also be limited in color, reflecting her self-inflicted challenge of working within boundaries that she has given herself.

Adrienne Shishko, Last Chance for Something

Outside of Beacon Gallery, Shishko has been well-received as an artist. She has public installations on various buildings in Crystal City, Virginia, that add much-needed color to an industrialized area.

Adrienne Shishko believes that her art is a true expression of living in the moment. We hope that you decide to live in the moment, too, and stop by Beacon Gallery to see the work for yourself! “Synaesthesia: Abstract Art & Creative Writing” will run through July 29th.

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