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Meet the Artist: Wendy Shapiro

Along with cooler weather, September is bringing something new to Boston. Beacon Gallery’s upcoming show “Be Here Now” will feature two artists, Wendy Shapiro and Raquel Fornasaro. Before the opening, we would love for you to get to know the artists. web
Wendy Shapiro, “”

Artist Wendy Shapiro grew up in New England and pursued her career as an artist when she began her studies at the Danforth Museum of Art. She continued with this passion and later enrolled in Roger Williams University, where she earned a BFA in Art, Psychology, and American Studies.

Shapiro’s career as an artist has taken off in the past ten years. Although she has experimented with various techniques like watercolor, pastels, and photography, Shapiro’s current focus has shifted to sustainable art.

With the growing demand for environmental sustainability, Shapiro has proven that art can be environmentally conscious and still yield amazing results. Shapiro’s pieces, like “white.seascape” shown below, use eco-friendly acrylic paint. This paint is greenguard gold certified, meaning that it has been certified for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) into the air; one of the main sources of global climate change.

IMG_3241 10.35.47 AM
Wendy Shapiro, “white.seascape”

Although her pieces are often monochromatic, they are not lacking in interest. Shapiro is able to capture landscapes, like the horizon, by strategically placing textured materials across the canvas.

Her works can be found in various hotel collections, including the AC Hotel Ink Block and Marriott’s Residence Inn. In addition, Shapiro’s work was selected for the WGBH Fine Art Auction, and can be seen in various galleries, including her own.

Her most recent adventure has been opening her own space at the Boston Design Center in the Seaport. Here, Shapiro’s work is hung on jet black walls which create a dramatic contrast with her stark white pieces. At the most basic level, it is a space for viewing art. However, Shapiro’s incorporation of modern furniture and plush carpets provides a space that is perfect for hanging out. Shapiro hopes to show clients how her pieces could be incorporated into any design scheme.

Image courtesy of Wendy Shapiro.

We hope that you are able to see Shapiro’s work both at Beacon Gallery and at her new space in the Boston Design Center. “Be Here Now” will open on September 7th and run through September 30th. See you there!

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