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Natasha Penaguiao: When Age is Just a Number

From April 5th through June 2nd Beacon Gallery will be showcasing Photographing the Female, an exhibition curated by Sarah Hoilund that has been shown both abroad and now in the United States.

The Photographing the Female website features many interesting interviews and stories that we will also highlight here

Copy of Natasha Penaguiao, Smoking hot, from the series Babuska.jpg

Natasha Penaguiao is a young Danish who photographer who starting shooting her grandmother not knowing that it would evolve into a personal and intimate project around the subject of femininity, age and sexuality. In a society where youth is idealised and put on a pedestal it becomes a determining factor for the modern concept of success. But what happens in the minds of the experienced? Those who have lived decades through different ages and stages of life. What happens to their sexuality, body image and self-perspective? Penaguiao approaches some of these questions in Babuska, an experimental photographic project where her own grandmother takes the lead role in front of the lens confronting the viewer with a subject simultaneously full of complexity, fragility and strength…

To read the rest of this article, click over to Photographing the Female’s interview with Nathasha Penaguiao! 

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