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Our upcoming Mixed Messages Show

We are so excited about our summertime Mixed Messages show, featuring the crowd-sourced Tiny Pricks Project.

With a shout-out in the January-February 2020 Art New England, it’s starting to feel real!

This show, one of our most sensitive and ambitious yet, will be tackling the subject of rape and sexual assault & violence. As such, we have been consulting with the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center on the topic and how to approach it in an appropriate way. This show can and won’t be an “end all and be all” in the conversation around such a huge topic – but we hope to contribute to the ongoing discussion of sexual violence and hopefully bring some new and local voices into the conversation.

The show will feature multiple different artists and disciplines.

As mentioned above, the Tiny Pricks Project, which has spread around the globe, will be shown as part of Mixed Messages, but we will be curating pieces that fit our theme. This means selecting specific quotes by President Trump that are demeaning to women. Please note that as this is a crowdsourced project, Beacon Gallery will be accepting submissions to the Tiny Pricks Project starting May 1st.*

In addition, the show will feature the “dresses in water” series by Jean Sbarra Jones, and a series of works on sexual harassment by Ibrahim Ali-Salaam.

We are excited (and honestly, a bit apprehensive!) about this upcoming show and the chance to explore a difficult topic through art!

*NB Pieces submitted to the gallery after June 1 may not be catalogued in time to be displayed as part of the show. Work not appropriate for Mixed Messages will also become part of the general Tiny Pricks Project of record for future display. See for more info.

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