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Very Private Gallery: How to get your art in a gallery… and reasons why you shouldn’t

Christine O’Donnell, Beacon Gallery

Beacon Gallery owner and director Christine O’Donnell is pleased to announce that she will be working as a partner with Madrid’s Very Private Gallery. This relationship will allow Christine to offer her insights and articles on Very Private Gallery’s platform as well as her consulting to Very Private Gallery’s clients.

Christine’s first article for Very Private Gallery is based on her experience at Beacon Gallery: she’s distilled down her years of running her South End space into 10 reasons why you shouldn’t work with a gallery.

While a bit “tongue in cheek” (of course a gallery owner needs to have artists!), the article is truly an invitation for artists to step back and take an inventory before they start blindly emailing galleries (or worse) pounding the pavement…

So, if you are a new artist or aren’t sure about your next step in your art career, head on over to Very Private Gallery’s post: How To Get Your Art In A Gallery. In fact, their entire website is filled with enriching, illuminating information for artists! Don’t miss it!

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